Lifting the light and feeling good

Perseverance, patience, and hope. I hope everyone feels a little better and knows that the future still hold so much possibility. I personally have gone through several iterations of making art and not making art at all! I need the interaction of others, I crave the audience. I want to share with you. I feel the need to bring joy and a lightness to brighten your day. I want to create a space and place for pure enjoyment of nature and how important it is to us. I feel a deep sense of renewal and connection to the natural world and it's motivating me even more to connect and create on a new level. I feel as if I have been tested and now I am even more committed to my art practice and communicating with all of you. As a storm approaches I think about what's next. How can I express new subject matter and bring living colour in nature to you.

Have a wonderful day and take a moment to give thanks to nature for healing us and giving us peace and comfort.


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